Who We Are

We are a diverse community of people. We are all ages, colors, abilities, and welcome all who are curious about the form of contact improvisation. We offer classes, warm-ups, jams (silent and music), the underscore practice, and workshops. CITC values respect, openness, creativity, and communication. We aim to practice an art form that invites physical rigor, human connection, quiet contemplation and curiosity. And yes, the unknown!

The Open Space (suite 207)

The Open Space (suite 207)


  • CITC values care for others - care defined as respect, empathy, and compassion. We encourage and challenge you to deeply listen to the dances and interactions you cultivate. We value your commitment to trying your best to attune to and respect others cues and desires. Remember, desires and states of being shift - it is normal to feel one way in a moment, and a different way in the next. We encourage and celebrate verbal communication with your partner at any time - before, during, or after a dance.

  • CITC values keen attention to self-care.  We don’t want you to get physically injured. Warm up well, stay hydrated, listen to your body and be attentive to your physical limits. If you are tired or overwhelmed feel free to take the breaks you need. Avoid wearing hanging jewelry such as earrings or loose necklaces, bracelets, etc. that might get caught in hair or clothing.

  • There are many techniques in CI (contact improvisation) to communicate with or without words during a dance. For example, if you don't want to be lifted, try the “wet noodle” response - ground yourself into the floor and disengage the core connection with your partner. Some verbal cue examples are: “too much weight”, “knee”, or a simple “no”.  Any reason to end a dance is a good reason.

  •  CITC values being a welcoming space for people of all backgrounds and expressions. Regardless of gender, orientation, race, place of origin, abilities, or experience with CI, we strive to be welcoming and to treat everybody with dignity and respect. For this reason, each jam has an opening circle as a way for us to share our names, gender pronouns, and information you would like the whole group to be aware of, as well as a closing circle as a way to reflect, check in with how your jam went, and to make any announcements to the group.

  • The CITC jam is a place to practice and learn. Observing others dancing is integral to understanding the form. We encourage you to actively witness from the sides of the room at any time.

  • Many states can surface with dancing, including feelings of sexual arousal. We request that if sexual feelings arise during a dance, that you do not pursue them in the jam space.

  • Be mindful about grabbing and holding your partner, especially the hands and feet, which serve us as ”landing gear.” Avoid locking arms in precarious positions such as when balanced on someone’s back.

  • CITC values being a mindful space. Be aware of the others in the space. Whether you find yourself moving fast and big, making sound, or if you are slowly rolling on the floor, or anything else, remember that we are all sharing a space and that proximity and energy has impact.

  • Please speak to the jam facilitator and identified community leaders if you need support, have concerns (or joys) to express, or for any reason you need. Also, speak with each other! We are all here to mutually support one other. We strive to create a community that is communicative, inclusive, and enjoyable.

Please sign the provided signature sheet at the welcome table to acknowledge that you have read these value statements and guidelines, that you understand them, and agree to hold yourself and others to the highest possible standard as a participant in the CITC jam community. Thank you!

Please use these guidelines as a score.

Together, we are creating opportunities to: share, connect, dance, enjoy !