Current guest teacher happenings at The Open Space!

Tori Casagranda is teaching an improvisation series. Solo, duet, and group forms will be explored using “score” work (guidance, parameters, direction) to reach into and deepen explorations of movement and spontaneous creation. Sundays- October 27, November 3, and November 17, 2:30-4:30 , $10-20 sliding scale. Drop-ins welcome, and all levels! Come play!

Tori Casagranda. Photo Credit Bill Cameron.jpg

Joshua Lorris presents the Red Square Laboratory. Come hold space, witness, or invite an image. Joshua will lead the way through this improvisation practice.


Pop Up Improv (Joshua Lorris, Tori Casagranda, Colleen Oster) offers this workshop November 24th 1-3pm, and optional performance demonstration afterwards 3:30.


The Open Space

The Open Space is the home of CITC. It is a studio for improvisation, movement, meditation, contact improvisation, creative expression, performance, and community building. It's in its own birthing and expansion process, with these initial and continuing offerings:


MONDAY NIGHT CONTACT IMPROVISATION JAMS: facilitated warm up and jam every Monday. -1st Monday of every month is the Underscore ( -3rd Monday of every month is a live music CI jam 6:30-9pm (doors at 6pm) $10-20 suggested donation

CONTACT IMPROVISATION ALL LEVELS class with Blake Nellis: Thursday nights 6:30-8pm $10-20 (**NO CLASS THURSDAY 10/17)

CONTEMPLATIVE DANCE PRACTICE, with Lindsay Forsythe: Monday and Thursday mornings 10-11am $5-10 suggested donation. CDP is an hour long authentic movement meditation. Please bring a pillow, blanket, or bolster for your personal sitting comfort if you have one, otherwise will be provided. Here is a detailed description, and you can also read more here:

What is Contemplative Dance Practice (CDP)?

CDP is a movement meditation practice first created and practiced by Barbara Dilley in 1980. She describes it as a “dancer’s meditation hall”. It is a practice of mind and body integration and how we choose to move as a result. We, as a group, observe and research, both alone and together. We “see rather than look at", with acceptance for what arises in the present moment, with no judgment.


  1. Brief Opening Circle. This is a time for introductions and for the facilitator to give  a short overview of the practice. Then we go to our pillows on the perimeter of the space.

  2. Sitting Meditation. Approximately 15-20 minutes. A bell will sound 2 times to mark the beginning. We find a relaxed posture, let breath be simple and easy, let thoughts come and go, images resound and dissipate, be easy on yourself. Soft cast down gaze or eyes closed. This is your time for stillness.

  3. Personal Awareness Practice/Solo Authentic Movement. 20 minutes. A bell will sound to mark the beginning. This is your personal exploration of bringing meditation practice into movement. Let small movements or stretches ease you into this transition. Enter and explore the space as it arises. This is a time for self-care, research, and to invite the unexpected. Wait for images and sensations to move you, follow and develop them. Trust your present moment.

  4. Open Space/Group Authentic Movement. 20 minutes. A bell will sound to mark the beginning. Return to your pillow. See the space, acknowledge the container of “well wishers” and “supportive onlookers.” Then bow into and out of the space as you wish, as many times as you desire. This is practice, not performance. We meet others, and expand into group awareness and consciousness. Explore together, expect the unexpected. You may observe from your pillow or be in the space. You are part of the group either way. A bell sounds to mark the end, return to your pillow for a final 2-3 minutes of stillness.

  5. Brief Closing Circle. The facilitator will verbalize the end of the practice, and all will gather in a smaller circle for comments and discussion. You are invited to speak either what you experienced, or what you saw.